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Helping you improve your health and wellbeing, overcome difficulties and move on from the traumas of your past. All in a safe environment, with a non-judgemental therapist.

Counselling disponibile anche in italiano (madrelingua italiana).

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Low mood depression counselling

Low mood and depression counselling

Depression is a real illness that can be diagnosed by a GP. It comes with real symptoms, both mental and physical. It's not a sign of weakness or something you can get over just "pulling yourself together".

When you're are depressed, you feel persistently sad for weeks or months, no matter what is going on around you. The feelings that accompany depression could be unhappiness, hopelessness, numbness, losing interest in things and being tearful.

Counselling can help you understand where depression comes from and give you the chance to change your outlook. Gradually, you'll start to look at the future again in a brighter way and appreciate the good things in life.

Relationship counselling

Whether you're encountering difficulties in a new or long-term relationship, trying to get over a failed relationship or looking for a new one, counselling can help.

All relationships have their ups and downs, and require constant adjustment of plans and expectations as partners deal with each other, and with life's obstacles and challenges. A relationship counsellor can be a vital support, improving communication, increasing trust and minimising the difficulties of emotionally charged situations - from affairs to divorce, from sex to separation.

Relationship counselling can help you understand what you're looking for from a relationship, examine and learn from experiences in the past, and look to the future new-found confidence and increased self-awareness.

Couples counselling
Bereavement counselling

Bereavement counselling

Bereavement is the period we spend adjusting to loss. It's a time of confused and mixed feelings - denial, despair, guilt, sadness, bargaining and anger - all at once.

There's no fixed time for bereavement, no right or wrong way to feel. We all have to find our own way to cope with it. Sometimes it can be very difficult to adjust to the loss of somebody important, as it touches so many areas of your life, your beliefs, and your very way of being.

Bereavement counselling can provide invaluable support during this difficult time: helping you make the necessary adjustments, find acceptance and move forward in life.

Stress and anxiety counselling

Stress is a perfectly normal reaction that affects everybody from time to time. When you're under pressure or feel overloaded, your ability to cope is often diminished.

The root cause could be external factors such as life experiences, traumas or the incessant demands of a busy schedule. Or it could be internal factors such as thoughts that swirl around in your head: low self-esteem, worry, uncertainty or unduly high expectations of yourself.

Anxiety is more persistent than stress, and the causes are often more difficult to identify. It can lead people to imagine the worst and even think they're losing their sanity because of some psychological condition.

Counselling can help remove the negative effects of stress and anxiety, and identify the root causes. You'll learn how to cope, and to make the necessary changes to move on.

Sexual abuse childhood counselling
Sexual abuse childhood counselling

Counselling for adults sexually abused in childhood

The wall of silence around this issue has recently come down thanks to the power of social media and some high-profile cases.

Sexual abuse in childhood is highly traumatic, and continues to affect the lives of people well in to adulthood, regardless of the time elapsed.

Counselling can help you understand that it's not your fault, and will reposition the shame and blame. You'll discover how to rebuild your self-esteem and trust again, and ease the negative side effects. You'll more fully understand behaviours and relationships, and will finally break out of the patterns of the past so you can live life to the full in the future.

Meet Francesca

I'm Francesca Amor, a fully accredited counsellor based in Cambridge. I work with people from all walks of life, regardless of sexuality, sexual orientation, gender, culture, race, age or religion.

I'm non-judgemental, empathetic and approachable (but don't take my word for it - see the testimonials below). My 'integrative' approach means I'm trained in all major therapies and blend them to best suit your individual needs.

I have advanced training in couples counselling and work at Relate. I'm also a volunteer bereavement counsellor with Cruse and am trained in sexual abuse in childhood. I have experience working with depression, low moods, stress and anxiety, self-motivation and more.

To get started, contact me today to book an initial assessment. Lasting just under an hour, it's an informal, confidential session that'll help us understand how we can work together.

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"Practical and results-focused"

"They say 'it's good to talk' but in my view it depends on who you're talking to.

"And I definitely found the right person in Francesca: open, approachable, friendly and non-judgemental. She's practical and results-focused, and helped me move on from the past to concentrate on the future. Highly recommended."

- Ms W

"Professional, knowledgeable and warm-hearted"

"I learnt with Francesca's guidance to reflect and understand myself better. Over time I began to look at life differently and felt more positive and able to deal with the issues I was facing.

"At all times she was professional, knowledgeable and warm-hearted."

- Mr T

"A transformation"

"I managed to control my situation as never before.

"Francesca transformed me from an insecure child to somebody who's capable of reacting in an adult way, and who no longer feels afraid."

- Mrs S

"Relaxing and friendly"

"Not having been through anything similar I found it surprisingly easy to talk. It is a bit daunting, but Francesca made it very easy. Her manner is relaxing and friendly, and she added a personal touch to the conversation.

"I found it very insightful and I definitely have a different view of things.

- Ms L

"Really made a difference"

"Thank you so much for all your help. You have really made a difference to our relationship and enabled us to see a positive future.

"We will miss seeing you, but it's great to know that we can return for more help if we need it."

- F & L

"The light in my storm"

"Words cannot express how important our sessions were to me.

"You gave me the courage and strength to carry on and I will be forever grateful to you. Keep doing what you do. You were the light in my storm."

- Ms K

"Mi ha messo fin da subito a mio agio"

"Francesca è stata un'ottima professionista che mi ha messo fin da subito a mio agio, ascoltandomi e dialogando apertamente anche su temi e problematiche che spesso è difficile affrontare con semplicità.

"Il suo supporto e i suoi consigli mi sono stati di grande aiuto in un momento difficile della mia vita."

- Mr 0

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