Counselling for adults sexually abused in childhood

Counselling for adults sexually abused in childhood

The wall of silence around this issue has recently come down thanks to the power of social media and some high-profile cases.

Sexual abuse in childhood is highly traumatic, and continues to affect the lives of people well in to adulthood, regardless of the time elapsed.

Counselling can help you understand that it's not your fault, and will reposition the shame and blame. You'll discover how to rebuild your self-esteem and trust again, and ease the negative side effects. You'll more fully understand behaviours and relationships, and will finally break out of the patterns of the past so you can live life to the full in the future.

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Massive positive differences to my life

I found the counselling I had with Francesca invaluable and so worthwhile. The counselling has helped me to look at things clearer and in different light. Francesca has equipped me with the tools to manage my anxiety.

Thank you so much for helping me to make massive positive differences to my life.


- Mrs E
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