Covid-19 changes to practice

After nearly two years of pandemic, going through difficult and uncertain times, we might struggle with our mental well-being or other issues. We have faced many challenges, having to distance ourselves from people we love, lose some of our daily coping strategies, we might have lost important people in our lives, we had to work from home and the family and relationship dynamics have changed. Anxiety has increased, sleeping has not been easy, we might struggle to go back to an office, to take public transport, we miss travelling, holidays.  Everything seems harder, with no clear end in sight.

To help you face these unique challenges, I am offering 60-minute webcam sessions or 45-minute telephone counselling sessions for individuals or couples. I use different platforms, easy to access from a laptop, a tablet or a mobile. Feel free to contact me for an assessment or more information.



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Thank you just doesn’t seem enough

You really have been great.

You have really lifted my mood and spirits... thank you just doesn't seem enough, but thank you.

- Ms F
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