New normality

After more than two years of pandemic, going through difficult and uncertain times, we might struggle with our mental well-being or other issues. We have faced many challenges and now we have to deal with a "new normality", but what is it? What does it mean for you and for the people around you? For your career, your future.

If you like to work on yourself, be more self aware and confident, please do not hesitate, contact me and we could work together towards fulfil your potential and your goals in life.

I am offering 60-minute webcam sessions or 45-minute telephone counselling sessions for individuals or couples. I use different platforms, easy to access from a laptop, a tablet or a mobile. Feel free to contact me for an assessment or more information.



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I am finding myself

As I told Francesca, my favourite word for her is phenomenal.

I found talking to her very easy and I think I am finding me, thank you.

- Mr C
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