Stress and anxiety counselling

Stress and anxiety counselling

Stress is a perfectly normal reaction that affects everybody from time to time. When you're under pressure or feel overloaded, your ability to cope is often diminished.

The root cause could be external factors such as life experiences, traumas or the incessant demands of a busy schedule. Or it could be internal factors such as thoughts that swirl around in your head: low self-esteem, worry, uncertainty or unduly high expectations of yourself.

Anxiety is more persistent than stress, and the causes are often more difficult to identify. It can lead people to imagine the worst and even think they're losing their sanity because of some psychological condition.

Counselling can help remove the negative effects of stress and anxiety, and identify the root causes. You'll learn how to cope, and to make the necessary changes to move on.

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I could process my grief in a comforting environment

Counselling allowed me to access my emotions and accept there is no set process to grief. I would like to thank Francesca, she is amazing at what she does and should have the greatest job satisfaction.

She was relaxed, comforting and very good at listening.

- Mrs B
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